Sarkar Ji

Sarkar Ji was born on 1st January 1981 in a small village of Bihar. Having roots of devotion and enlighten by knowledge during his childhood he was always calm and composed child. Being young, Sarkar ji was always fascinated towards Spiritual and intellectual knowledge. He visited and captivated insights from many teachers (Gurus) of the various religions and Philosophies.

Sarkar Ji became disciple of Shree Sahib Ji Sarkar in a very young age and started following his foot step to develop a new hope for the society. According to him Humanity is the only religion a person should believe to praise our almighty.

At this age Sarkar Ji is holding intense spiritual awakening. He has a strong belief that religious experience can be a wayto spiritual and intellectual life.

Sarkar ji has initiated different regular health check-up camps, food camps and activities to clean our surroundings and plantation of tree to have a pollution free environment, He has enlighten society with his philosophies and stood against evil malpractice. He has always showed a keen interest in girls’ education and spread social awareness regarding Human Rights.

Through Sahib Darbar, Sarkar ji has started a dedicated environment, where his disciples can regularly do spiritual practices and work for betterment for society. Sarkar Ji, with altruistic nature also hears his disciples who are in need and helps them to lead a better life.

“Staying in ashram not just bring change in your way of living, it also rebuild your believes towards our almighty. Eliminate negativity from your life, motivates your way towards spirituality.”

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