Sahib Ji Sarkar

Sahib ji Sarkar was born on 29 September 1900 who is admired and followed by millions, who did tenacity and meditation for years with a motive of well-being for humane race, who believed in humanity not community. Sahib ji loved every living being and always preached about most important bondsin Humans, he also asked his disciples to be selfless, compassionateand to oppose against evil practice.

Sahib ji Sarkar was different from other kids since his childhood, alike other kids he was spiritually enlighten, that’s why he was always popular between people around him. He very soon got the knowledge of the spirituality, for which many people do penance for years for the same.

Sahib ji’s intellectual knowledge had started enlighten society since then. His love for humanity not in different religions and cast gave a different hope to the society.

Sahibji devoted all his life for the well-being of society, establishing a firm believe for almighty, admire humanity and Spiritual beliefs.He opened his doors for everyone to heal and believe in everything around.

People believed that if you wish with reverence in Sahib Darbar, he never disappoint his beloved children.

He was fond of the relation between a teacher and a student (Guru-shishya) the purest bond of love and devotion where one devote lessons and another one devotes his love and respect. Sahib ji wanted people to believe in the same.

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