Sahib Darbar

Sahib Darbar was an initiative taken by Sahib Ji Sarkar for well-being and welfare of society, which is followed and maintained with great efforts of Sarkar Ji. A saint is born to devote all his life for the wellbeing of human race, selflessly he only share happiness and spirit of living a spiritual life. Sahib Darbar is a Non profitable organization which is working for healing of people in need, whether is spiritual or mental. Millions of devotees come here to seek blessings of Sahib Ji Sarkar and Sarkar Ji.

Sarkar ji attentively hear all the problems and worries of all the devoted disciples and bless them a new hope and life spiritually, he never leave a single devotee unheard.

Sahib Darbar is open for all the devotees and serves all of them equally, with a vision to create a better optimistic environment for the people with the help of different spiritual initiate. Different Health checkup camps and mental wellness sessions without any discrimination, is mission of Sahib Darbar.

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