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Sahib Darbar Ashram was established by Sarkar Ji on a small piece of area, which was later spread over as a Ashram. Ashrams’ atmosphere is devoted toward ethical and moral awareness, where devotees work on spiritual awakening and intellectual knowledge. Development of divinity in mankind is the main objective of ashram. Many higher spiritual and intellectual practice camps are organised here under guidance of Sarkar Ji.

In ashram, staying and nutriment is gratuitous, it is a second adobe for the devotees who are continuously trying to find peace and spirituality in their lives.

During the occasion of initiation ceremony (Diksha samaroh) many devotees visit ashram for sacramental rites. The aura of Sahib Darbar is so eminent that the devotees are filled with prosperity, amity, love, goodwill and faith here.

On 5th June a huge samaroh his organised in ashram in the memory of Sahib Ji Sarkar,where millions of devotees from different cities and countries attend with faith and devotion every year. Many social and religious uplift programs are also conducted in this ashram during this samaroh. Many scholars and religious saint visit ashram at same period of time to follow practice of higher spirituality.”

“Staying in ashram not just bring change in your way of living, it also rebuild your believes towards our almighty. Eliminate negativity from your life, motivates your way towards spirituality.”

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